The lowest price of Mutton online. Slice the fat from your Mutton bill.

Trotters (Paya) :  400.00 -40 (-9.0)% || Mince (Keema) :  560.00 20 (3.70)% || Mixed Pieces :  450.00 0 (0)% || Brain (Bheja) :  90.00 5 (5.88)% || Mutton Chops :  600.00 5 (0.84)% || Liver (Kaleji) :  440.00 320 (266.)% || Boneless Mutton :  560.00 20 (3.70)% || Kidney (Gurda) :  150.00 20 (15.3)% || Lamb Carcass (Min. Order of 5Kg) :  420.00 420 (0)% ||

Slice the fat
from your mutton bill
Slice the fat
from your mutton bill
Slice the fat
from your mutton bill
Slice the fat
from your mutton bill

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To help you order and choose the right products and quantity as per your requirements.


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We provide fast and safe delivery of your order, so that it stays fresh and ready to use as you receive it. Delivery is done through our appointed personnel.


Great Value And Dynamic pricing

The mutton is of best quality. The breed of goat is selected by our dedicated experts. The Pricing makes it a great value buy. Price is adjusted every week to keep up with the fluctuations of wholesale livestock market.


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We guarantee best service and products. As we deliver the best quality mutton at your door step on time and every time.

Natural and fresh mutton

Fresh Mutton

Our specific delivery days i.e. Wednesday and Sunday, allows us to deliver fresh cut mutton directly from the abattoir.


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We have expertise in the mutton industry from four generations and have been a trusted vendor for the same.


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