Natural and fresh mutton

MUTTONONLINE.com is an entirely family owned and operated retail/wholesale mutton company (origianlly EST. fourth generation). MUTTONONLINE.com has its own modern processing facilities in the city of Mumbai. We take pride in providing the best quality in the field of retail/wholesale mutton supply to some of the finest hotels, restaurants and clients. Place your next order for fresh mutton with MUTTONONLINE.com and see your monthly mutton expense reduce immediately.

MUTTONONLINE.com pricing is adjusted weekly according to livestock market fluctuations and operates as a totally transparent retail/wholesale mutton shopping destination. If the livestock prices rise then so do our prices (unscrupulous operators have been known to reduce the product quality to meet your pricing levels as that is easier than fighting you for a price rise in the short term). However, when livestock or other products become cheaper or certain seasonal primal cuts become cheaper, we simply reduce our pricing on the website to create more volume for all of us.

Some items can drop by as much as 10% in a week if we have purchased a large bulk overrun. Think about it – if you are saving an average of 10% to 15% on your mutton bill just by buying at MUTTONONLINE.com, you could save a further 5% on top of that when you purchase from our Special Offers! Keep an eye on the ‘Special Offers’ section – but please remember that there are no rain checks and that specials are offered daily and weekly, subject to supply, so the more you log on and check what the market is doing, the better your chance of daily savings.

The vast majority of our clients, whilst perhaps having to do a little more work themselves, have saved themselves between 15% to 20% off their mutton purchases. It’s not always about what suits your daily cooking or your families desires, making a real difference to your monthly budget is also about what you can buy at the right price at the right time of the year and making that work for your home monthly budget.

At the very least, log on now to use MUTTONONLINE as a pricing barometer / benchmark against your current supplier – you’ll soon see the savings on offer!

Range & Product Integrity

MUTTONONLINE.com supplies a full range of fresh mutton cuts as well as liver/kidney/brain (bheja)/Trotters (paya)/tripe (ojree).

MUTTONONLINE.com provides you’re primal in the original packaging in which they were packed at the abattoir or processing facility, ensuring there has been no substitution and, importantly, that you get what you pay for. Too often, portion-cut product in ‘middle man food service companies’ is repackaged or delivered in plain packaging, leaving you open to potential substitution and no real guarantee that you are receiving the product you believe you are paying for.

Ordering & Payment

When we say ‘best quality and price’, we actually mean ‘best quality and price‘. Website-based ordering means that, without incurring the associated costs of sales representatives, we can offer GENUINE best quality and priced mutton (not just a tag line) to small, medium and large customers alike. We have taken out the vast majority of costs of doing business with our model.

Payment by cash on delivery (COD) only means that MUTTONONLINE.com can offer products at prices that are so much cheaper than other regular food service companies – with no sales representatives, we pass on our savings to your monthly mutton bill.

Our business model is completely transparent, the savings are real and turnaround time is efficient and on-demand. It’s simple really – MUTTONONLINE.com is all about supplying mutton direct to you.


MUTTONONLINE.com has delivery spread across majority of Mumbai. For us to deliver FRESH mutton, we take the order one day prior and deliver the next day. We do not deliver on Tuesday and Saturday [we still try our best to accommodate orders on these days]. On special request we can also try and accommodate deliveries on the same day. We do not deliver within 3 hours of order placement. We deliver within 3  hours of slaughter of goat/sheep/lamb.

We are happy to receive as many orders per day or week as you like. Remember though that if you order small quantities regularly, the delivery component will eat into your savings.

Communications & After Sales Service

You will receive only informative emails from MUTTONONLINE.com with general information on new products and weekly specials.

Our friendly sales representatives are available to take your orders and answer any questions you may have. Just call our 7506959594 we are here to be of service to you.

Remember; the more times you visit MUTTONONLINE.com the more likely you are to bag a bargain at GENUINE bargain prices.