Best Mutton Supplier in Mumbai

Best Mutton supplier in Mumbai [online]:

We have reasons to say that we are the best Mutton suppliers [online] in Mumbai. We claim to say this is because of the following reasons:

  1. is the only online portal dedicated to selling mutton products.
  2. is not an aggregation of Mutton like all the other online portals selling Mutton. We directly purchase Goat and Sheep from the Livestock market in Deonar [Mumbai].
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  4. supplies on Fresh Mutton. The Mutton is delivered within three hours of slaughter of Goat/Sheep.
  5. does not add any preservatives or any other alien product to keep the Mutton fresh. The Mutton supplied is 100% natural.
  6. is the only online portal which sells Head to Toe of a Goat/Sheep.