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  • goat Liver [Kaleji]
    Goat Liver is a great source of iron. It is rich in taste and is mostly used for grilling,...

    Rs. 430.00 / kg
  • Mutton Chaap [Lamb chops]
    Chops help in balancing thyroid functions and is a good source of protein and Omega 3. Mutton...

    Rs. 560.00 / kg
  • Brain/ Bheja
    Brain / bheja is a great source of Vitamin C and Omega -3, Fresh and juicy brain/bheja of goat...

    Rs. 110.00 / piece
  • Goat Mutton
    Our Mixed Mutton pieces are ideal for making Mutton curry and Mutton pulao or biryani. It is fresh...

    Rs. 470.00 / kg
  • Mutton Keema [Mince]
    Mince mutton or Keema of goat, Our mince is finely hand milled for making Seekh kebabs, Patties,...

    Rs. 500.00 / kg
  • Trotters [Paya]
    Paya /trotters is a great source of amino acids, an inexpensive protein, has a good mineral...

    Rs. 570.00 / dozen
  • Boneless Mutton
    Boneless Mutton contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Low in potassium and sodium, which makes it useful in...

    Rs. 720.00 / kg
  • Mutton Kidney [Gurda]
    Goat/Lamb Kidney (Gurda) are ideal for grilling and pan frying. Mostly cooked in dry masala. Our...

    Rs. 160.00 /dozen
  • Mutton Leg [raan] Pieces
    Mutton Leg piece or raan is the two loins with the hip, Leg and saddle. It is a fleshy and tender...

    Rs. 510.00 / kg
  • Tripe [Ojree]
    Tripe – Ojree is a type of edible lining from the stomachs of various farm animals. Tripe...

    Rs. 1,325.00 /piece
  • Mutton Bone Soup
    Soup Bones are used to make Bone broth or Bones soup. It can be used in making broths, curries,...

    Rs. 250.00 /Kg
  • Lamb Meat
    Lamb meat pieces with versatile cut, perfect for Catering or dinner parties.   The price of 1 kg...

    Rs. 460.00 / kg