Goat Mutton


  • Fresh Goat Mutton
  • Cut and Cleaned by our expert butchers.
  • No preservatives or additives.


Our Mixed Mutton pieces are ideal for making Mutton curry and Mutton pulao or biryani. It is fresh and tender which adds that extra flavor to your already mouthwatering dish. Goat Mutton helps in balancing thyroid functions and is a major source of protein.

  • 5 Health Benefits of Mutton:
  • Excellent Iron Source.
  • Nervous System Health Promoter.
  • Immune Booster.
  • Rich Source of Healthy Fats like Omega-3 Fatty Acids and CLA.
  • Protein Powerhouse.
  • Nutrition FactsServings: 1.0
  • Calories:  229                  Sodium:  75 mgTotal Fat:  11 g                 Potassium:  302 mg

    Saturated:  4 g                Mono unsaturated:  4 g

    Protein:  30 g                   Cholesterol:  98 mg

    Calcium:  2%                   Iron:  15%

  • For Recipes:
  • Mutton Korma Recipe
  •  The price of 1 kg Mutton mince is the lowest offered online in Mumbai. Ordering from Muttononline.com is just like ordering from a mutton shop near you.
  • Benefits of Halaal Mutton: Its beneficial to human health in that the blood completely drains from the carcass, producing healthier and cleaner mutton free from excessive microbial growth. In addition, the meat lacks fear toxins, which cause fear and anxiety in humans, as the slaughter is swift, quick, all-encompassing, and as painless as possible. The halal process produces cleaner, more tender, and tastier meat.

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