Mutton Keema [Mince]


Mince mutton or Keema of goat, Our mince is finely hand milled for making Seekh kebabs, Patties,



Mince mutton or Keema of goat, Our mince is finely hand milled for making Seekh kebabs, Patties, koftas and rista etc. Mutton  at muttononline is hand minced by our experienced butchers in clean conditions unlike machine mince.

There is CLA in goat meat, which is a cancer-preventing fatty acid and it also avoids inflammation.

  • Health Benefits of Mutton:
  • 1. Stabilizes the Heartbeat

    Believe it or not but goat meat is actually effective to stabilize the heartbeat. That’s why goat meat is closely related to the health of coronary heart. It is because the amount unsaturated fat contained in goat meat is more than the amount of saturated fat, so it is good for the heart rhythm.

    2. Contains Cancer Preventing Fatty Acid

    One type of fatty acids that also could act as cancer prevention is CLA or conjugated linoleic acid. Furthermore, related to the development of cancerous cells, goat meat also contains relatively high of vitamin B complex like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and panthothenic acid, and then selenium and choline which are also beneficial to prevent cancer.

    3. Relatively High in Protein

    What protein could do for your health? The answer is a lot. Without protein, your working out session is useless because though you could burn your fat but there will be no muscle. Furthermore, protein is good for diet but if you want to optimize your protein intake from goat meat, you have to make sure to avoid the fat.

    4. Contains Lower Saturated Fat than Beef

    Saturated fat is one of the reasons behind many cardiovascular diseases while the unsaturated fat is the counterpart. As goat meat contains lower saturated fat than beef, so it is a very good alternative for protein source from meat other than from beef. Besides that, as higher in saturated fat surely it provides more benefits to your health than beef could.

    5. Helps Burn Fat

    Do you know that compared to cow or pig, goat is the leanest animal you could find in the farm? It is because most of goat is raised traditionally and locally. That’s why it contains less fat than other meats, so it is good for those who are currently in diet program. Furthermore, as rich of vitamin B, goat meat is also able to burn fat and controls the weight.

    6. Contains Selenium and Chlorine

    There are a lot of ways to prevent cancer and one of them is consuming food that contains selenium and chlorine. Goat meat is one of those foods. So, don’t ever think that something red is not as powerful as all those greens because goat meat has proven it to be wrong.

    7. Prevents Anemia

    Basically, all types of meat is good for anemia and goat meat is one on the top of the list. It is because goat meat contains relatively high of iron. Furthermore, goat meat is safe to be consumed by pregnant women, since anemia is one of the cases that mostly suffered during pregnancy.

  • Nutrition Facts

    Servings: 1.0

  • Calories:  229                  Sodium:  75 mg

    Total Fat:  11 g                 Potassium:  302 mg

    Saturated:  4 g                Mono unsaturated:  4 g

    Protein:  30 g                   Cholesterol:  98 mg

    Calcium:  2%                   Iron:  15%

  • Keema Recipes:
  • Keema Angara
  • Mutton Kofta Recipe
  •  The price of 1 kg Mutton mince is the lowest offered online in Mumbai. Ordering from is just like ordering from a mutton shop near you.
  • Benefits of Halaal Mutton: Its beneficial to human health in that the blood completely drains from the carcass, producing healthier and cleaner mutton free from excessive microbial growth. In addition, the meat lacks fear toxins, which cause fear and anxiety in humans, as the slaughter is swift, quick, all-encompassing, and as painless as possible. The halal process produces cleaner, more tender, and tastier meat.

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