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paya, trotters

Trotters (Paya)

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Product Description

Paya /trotters is a great source of amino acids, an inexpensive protein, has a good mineral content. Paya /Trotters/ Feet of Goat /Lamb as preferred by consumers is used for making stews. Bone marrow covered with flavorful mutton. 

  • Health Benefits of Paya:

  • It Heals and Seals the Gut.

  • It Helps with Arthritis and Joint Pain.

  • Is an Inexpensive Protein Source.

  • Is a Good Mineral Source.

  • Contains Important Amino Acids.

  • Is a Good Source of Healing Fats.

  • Help Repair Gum Damage.

  • Fights inflammation.

  • Helps Fight Degenerative Joint Disease

  • Helps Hair and Nails to Grow

  • Helps Combat Allergies

  • Stimulates the Immune System

  • Helps Build Healthy Bones

    Helps Give You a Good Night’s Sleep

    Nutrition Facts

    Servings: 1.0

    Calories:  229                  Sodium:  75 mg

    Total Fat:  11 g                 Potassium:  302 mg

    Saturated:  4 g                Mono unsaturated:  4 g

    Protein:  30 g                   Cholesterol:  98 mg

    Calcium:  2%                   Iron:  15%

  • Keema Recipes:

  • Mutton Nihari Recipe

    The price of 1 kg Mutton mince is the lowest offered online in Mumbai. Ordering from is just like ordering from a mutton shop near you. 

  • Benefits of Halaal Mutton: Its beneficial to human health in that the blood completely drains from the carcass, producing healthier and cleaner mutton free from excessive microbial growth. In addition, the meat lacks fear toxins, which cause fear and anxiety in humans, as the slaughter is swift, quick, all-encompassing, and as painless as possible. The halal process produces cleaner, more tender, and tastier meat.

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Weight 1.00

3 reviews for Trotters (Paya)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Had ordered 9 payas and got 3 payas free. I cud makeout it was freshly cut n wr not frozen. 5/ 5

  2. 5 out of 5


    The mutton quality was exceptionally good. Better and much cleaner (hygenic) than one in regular mutton shop. The mutton I ordered was assorted peices and was really very fresh and not left frozen like I had expected. Might go regular wt ordering and also wud recommend. 5/ 5

  3. 3 out of 5


    Quality is Worth the price. Wud for sure be ordering alot in the month of Ramzan.

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