Versatility of Mutton Mince

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Mutton Mince or Kheema is simply grounded boneless mutton. It is Minced in 2 ways by Hand using tools such as chefs knife or grinding Machine . In whatever way its grounded the flavor mostly builds when anything has a human touch. Another factor that defines the use (Purpose) and the quality of mince is its fat and tender mutton content.


Mutton Mince is an all rounder it can play a great role in being a Starter, Appetizer, Soup, Fillings, important Fast food  item(Patties, tacos etc), huge variety in Main course possibilities are endless.


Worldwide cuisines enjoy mutton mince in so many ways that its become a bestseller amongst Mutton fanatics. Muglai, Turkish, Thai, Chinese, Punjabi and now Maharashtrian. Minced meats had covered a long journey from Middle east to east and is now a very common and an integral ingredient in indian cuisine be it from any part of the country.


We are seeing the paradigm shift from traditional to modern day cooking however very few people understand and practice the essential process of traditional cooking. We were enlightened on traditional cooking by one of our valued Youtube customers Being Marathi.We are proud to be associated with *Being Marathi* a popular YouTube channel with over 1 lac subscribers. *Being Marathi* is the only traditional food channel on YouTube. Their aim is to keep that taste and legacy (of traditional home made food) alive for next generation. They have specialized in traditional Maharashtrian recipes. Since culture of people in Maharashtra is very versatile so are their food pattern and their recipes.

In this specific post they used our mutton mince to make excellent Kheema Samosa. It is a proud moment to be associated with Being Marathi and  we highly appreciate the trust in return. *Being Marathi* is bringing back the Magic of home cooked food by your mother in the traditional way. Sit back and live that era again with *Being Marathi*.

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